Selasa, 22 Juli 2008

Almost Closed Off, 16 Land Cases

Almost Closed Off, 16 Land Cases

This morning there are no houses in cigarettes kiosks. Heading to Legal Aid office. Merely being helped bay Malay music inside a basin filled with soap water. My city in the eyes of a giant TV screen, this maid is pregnant with untracked history just like the untracked price of rice. Beside her, 16 land cases in South Sumatra tell me that I can’t afford to buy a state, therefoce coffe farmers plant the seeds on my face. My shirt is only worth 5 cents.
Yesterday they were working in an instant food factory, now their socks are holed and salted fish are baked upon their backs. The children of the swamps are sleeping with me. Their dreams are frozen like a can of Pepsi.
I hope the banks will transform into nice. Military will not be a new religion and the newspaper are able to become rivers, modest houses and apartements for the people. We can’t be farmers any longer! Said them. The Malay music becomes more appealing inside the basin of soap water. Stone! Iron! Let’s have a discussion. The angel opens my mouth, who is your God? I am being fled into a vinegar bottle.


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